Johanne Teigen

I, Silent, Wait – – And Azure Is So Fine!


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Johanne Teigen shows monumental photographic installations situated in the juxtapositions between sculpture and photography. Teigen works site-specific; the individual work composes in relation to each other and the architecture. 

I, Silent, Wait – – And Azure Is So Fine! helps it selves to the environment and allows viewers  to get stimulated by the different impressions both from what the work, gallery Kronborg and Rundemanen provides.

For this work Teigen got inspired by the music of Anna Von Hausswollf and poetry of Alexander Blok. It’s about the mysterious, poetic and romanticised image that is broken down. Into the often harsh reality and human experience as a whole. This will be shown with a work of textile that is cut in half and with an industrial element that leans towards one of the walls. The viewer is teased with a glimpse of colour, a hint of shape and texture, but never given enough to create a complete interaction.