Expressions of Breath 2 // Frantzsen&Mjanger

 25th May – 8th June

Glassform og fjell i skodde_stor

Expressions of Breath 2

Through breathing, we all share the same air.

How can the invisible become visible?

How do we experience this shared and unseen?

Expressions of Breath II is a visual and performative work where glass sculptures, made by «capturing» the shape of breath in molten glass, will be held and carried in the open mountain landscape.

With expressions of breath in our hands, how is time and space experienced at Rundemanen in the few hours where we go into the night waiting for the day to rise?

Frantzsen&Mjanger is an artist duo located in Bergen, consisting of Maria Almås Frantzsen, visual/glass and Ruth Hol Mjanger, drama/theatre. In our joint artistic practice we work in various environments outdoor with hot glass as a starting point for performative expressions.  We challenge the traditional approach to the material in a meeting between crafts and participatory, performing contemporary art.

Exhibition at the gallery from 25th May – 8th June


25th of May at 9.30 pm (about 90 min) and the 26th of May at 04:00 am (about 90 min.) Guided tour from the upper station of Fløybanen to the gallery at 8.30 pm. The audience/ co-creators can come and go as they like, and are welcome to stay at the gallery site during the night.

By participating as co-creator or audience, you give your permission to the use of photos and videos from the site.