Henrik Koppen

The Weeping Madonna; by Henrik Koppen

Opening Sunday 8th May

Continues till 22nd May



Dear pilgrims,

Gallery Kronborg is for this occasion transformed into a religious site, a holy place of pilgrimage. To experience this wonder you will have to leave the city behind, and ascend the beautiful mountain of Rundemanen (568 masl), one of the seven mountains of Bergen. The age of miracles is not over yet.
A pilgrim is making a journey to get spiritual cleansing or to get closer to something divine. A place of pilgrimage is a significant place where you can reflect on things and search for some kind of comfort, the long journey by foot will also function in this way. I think that many hikers in Norway are hiking because they are searching for a spiritual experience by encountering nature, it is more normal to go on a mounting trip than to church on Sundays.
There are many myths around the world about wonders happening with religious statues, either they are crying real tears, bleeding, or drinking milk. This is looked upon as a miracle, a physical manifestation of the divine, and is often followed by large numbers pilgrims and stories about miraculous healing’s. Paradoxically, by becoming more ´bodily´ and ´earthly´ the idol becomes more ´heavenly´.