Francesca Del Frate

DSC_0506DSC_050813th – 19th March 2016

Gallery Kronborg are delighted to present the first Opening exhibition brought to the Gallery Kronborg by New Mexico born artist Francesca Del Frate.

wowen pice F.D.F

Textiles are a way that we have practically related to our environment, particularly environments that
are too harsh for our skin alone.
We used to take things that grew in our surrounding environment and
then make them into things that offered us such protection, blankets, clothing, even houses.
But now it’s a lot more complicated, many of the textiles we used are imported from far away, or made in a
laboratory, and in any case, they are rarely made by the hands of the people that use them.
But in some ways, aren’t we are still taking materials from our environment to protect us? Could we say that it’s just
that our environment has changed? That now the global and industrial are just as much or more a part
of our lived environment as the local, natural world? What do we need protection from and how to we
make such protections

Since the gallery is remote, it will only be seen in person by the few who know how to get there, and the
even fewer who might happen upon it by chance. But, because of the exposure, the elements become in
some ways witness to the work. The breeze will move the textile, the rain or snow will likely blow in and
wet it, the sun may bleach and damage the fibers. What does it mean to be a spectator? Does art
depend on the spectator? And if so, what does it then mean for the art when the spectator is so

The textile I’ve made is handwoven in Norway, by a woman from the United States, on an old fashioned
manual loom that has been modified with a digital interface, from a combination of synthetic and
natural fibers, including wool from sheep raised less than 100km away. What is it, then? What will it be
if I hand it over to someone, telling them to hang it up out on the mountain, exposed to the elements,
thereby taking up the mantle of its woven forbears?

wowen pice F.D.F  2