22 May 2017 at 20.00

meet top of Fløibanen stationPrøverommet3

The seasons last Prøverommet aims to create spaces that cross boundaries and artistic disciplines. It will take place in the mountains of Bergen, hiking from Fløyen to Rundemanen. The 11 artists participating in the event will be working site specific with their own discipline.

The project is based on dance artist Lisa Colette Bysheim´s project «Ekko». The choreography of Ekko is continually evolving and is adapted to new spaces and contexts. The participating artists are invited to explore what echo is in the body, time and space. The intention is to use the concept as starting point to create new material: versions, interpretations and reflections that have the same core. A part of the project is to work with ekko as a starting point, a journey and a word that has a variety of dimensions that can be explored. We wish to create an event that is accessible for anyone to experience.

Lisa Colette Bysheim (Bergen) Dancer
Roskva Yasmin Andersen (Bergen) Dancer
Chollada Phinitduang (København/Oslo) Dancer
Clara Json Borg (Artist in Residence) Performance artist
Sverre Breivik (Bergen) Actor
Ameli Agbota (Bergen) Actor
Thomas Bruvik (Bergen) Light-design
Rudi Valdersnes (Bergen) Musican
Owen Weaver (USA/Bergen) Musican
Camilla Figueroa (Bergen) Designer
Gard Flydal Rorgemoen (Bergen) Designer

Practical info:
Tickets MUST be pre bought on TicketCo, when presented at Fløybanen you will receive 20% discount.

Information, map and programme can be collected at the top of Fløyen between 20:00 and 21:00, keep an eye out for Prøverommets logo. This is where the walk starts.

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