Remembering Ruin // Graham Murtough

We meet at Fløibanen Entrance at 2pm April 4th, Welcome!

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Graham’s work often refers to the implicit violence of our accepted cultural values and unquestioned social norms. The ever-obsessive drive towards new urban development and expansion is an example of this violence, and has become a particular preoccupation of his. As we face environmental catastrophe, Graham finds the two are completely at odds, and the dissonance is observably remarkable. He uses some of the visual language of the construction site to refer to this stark absurdity.
One aspect of his work is the sense that an event has recently taken place, and he is interested in creating a kind of material and affective aftermath. By combining everyday materials with found objects, plants and idiosyncratically crafted sculptures, he seeks to create an environment where the viewer can experience conflicting sensations, where there is protection, interruption and exclusion all at once. He often uses vibrant plants to serve as a living return to civility, carrying with them a sense of optimism after the destruction. His aim to create a kind of material tension, a physical dissonance and unease that gives way to a surprising sense of optimism arising from the new circumstance.

Remembering Ruin is an installation that plays on ideas of visibility, resource management and the mystery of ruination. Ordinary materials are re-contextualised to draw attention to the relationship between hyper development, resource, and ruin. Through the movement in the banners and the unexpected materials used in the installation, the work becomes light and celebratory; a metaphorical act of resistance to development or even ruin.

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