UNTITLED (Girl In Pink Tracksuit Posing On Top Of a Mountain) // INGRID SKÅLAND ERIKSEN





Ingrid Skåland Eriksen studies Master in Fine Arts at Bergen University, Faculty of Art, Music and Design. Ingrid works with nature and time at places where she feels a sense of belonging and pleasure of being. In the work for Galleri Kronborg she explores the dynamic between walking, moving, thinking; the effect that movement has on the mind.

My phone is full of notes and ideas that sounded great the second I wrote them – in the middle of the street or on my way somewhere. Now, reading them, transferring the words from phone to paper, from paper to computer, my Notes to Self evoke confusion and doubt.
My work is based mainly within textile, analog photography and text. I need tactility. I work directly with my material, and explore energies that emerge in the moment. Intuition and spontaneity let my body speak and think. Every action creates ground for new experiences.