You Are Here // Lisa Størseth Pettersen

8th – 28th October 2016







A rock found in Tøyen park in Oslo, left behind at a construction site. Placed on a pram and taken home. Put away, found again, carried in a shopping net from place to place within Oslo. Later transported in a cargo compartment on a bus to Trondheim. Will be carried up to the top of Rundemanen and placed in the stone floor at Gallery Kronborg.

In the exhibition «You are here», Pettersen is investigating and exploring an intuitive, sensuous belonging to the world. On the opening day, she is carrying a limestone which is 500 000 years older than herself, from the bottom of the mountain to the gallery on the very top.  An emotional belonging to the incomprehensible sizes surrounding us, made into concrete action. The stone itself is an enclosed mass consisting of layers and layers of history, and has in the last four years been a part of Pettersens life and practice. The stone is now being dug into the floor in the gallery. Left behind with it is a structure made from climbing rope.

Lisa Pettersen is undertaking her Bachelor at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Her practice is revolved around the underlying, intuitive, sensuous connections we have to the surrounding world.